Found Type I

So let’s try something a bit different this time, shall we? Instead of just trying to post work that ETC.STUDIOS has created (which is just self-promotion on own site and thus a marketable form of narcissism in the highest sense) let’s throw a photo up of something that creatively inspired me in some way, shape or form. Cool? If it is, maybe it will catch on and I’ll keep doing it. If its not, whatever…

Walking to lunch today in Honolulu from Downtown to Chinatown, I passed by the C. Brewer Building (I believe it currently houses the Hawaii Community Foundation) and it immediately caught my eye from an architectural aspect. Completely out of character for its location, it feels like luxury residence amongst the towering buildings overhead that make up the small Downtown district. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a shot of the structure, however being the type lover I am (and specifically that of stencil or hand created) I was drawn to of the two auto entrances where they displayed simple, yet commanding, warning signs.

An amazing multimillion dollar piece of architecture that will last the test times, I don’t have time to show you. A quick and gritty, two-minute sign, wall stencil by the maintenance department that could be painted over tomorrow… Of course!

FYI: posted from my iPhone. Cool I think, yes (read in a Yoda-like voice for true impact).