A little late on this update, but back in ’09, our good friend Holmes Ghassemi came to ETC.STUDIOS to help him visually brand his new hockey collaboration BASE Hockey.  After working with him over the years while he spear-headed such brands as Easton and Warrior (not to mention his extensive experience with Nike Hockey, Mission and other authorities in the realm of ice, sticks and pucks) I knew it would be a great opportunity!

BASE Hockey logo

Nobody, and mean NOBODY knows more about hockey than Holmes.  The team he is involved with is creating a brand presence that will alter the industry.  Their business strategy is beyond strong.  Seriously! Don’t believe me?  Just wait and watch.  And there is one company out there I hope BASE destroys!   They know who they are.  Market share?  Hold on tight, cause BASE is gonna take it!

So far ETC.STUDIOS has created their brand mark, collateral, web holder, stick graphics and sales material with plenty more creative on the way.  Once we get the go ahead, we’ll show you some of the stick designs, so stay tuned!

And for more information on BASE Hockey, please visit their holding site MyBaseHockey.com and sign up to get their updates. Or reach out directly via email to contact@basehockeylabs.com

- Ries