BASE Hockey Brochure/Poster is out!

ETC.STUDIOS just finished up the brochure/poster for BASE Hockey in order for them to get their message out via the printed medium.  Not only did we come up with visual direction, but we also came up with the campaign copy… ‘BEFORE ANYTHING…’.

The ideology behind ‘BEFORE ANYTHING…’ is simply that, before anything, think about the base fundamentals to the game.  Sure, hockey involves being an amazing athlete on the ice with impeccable skating skills and crazy endurance. And yeah, everyone wants to be the best, make the team, wear their number, start at their position, win the championship, get the glory, hardware and adulation form their peers, coaches and media.  But before all that, before even stepping on the ice, before anything, you have understand your shot and puck control.  You have to have the right stick for YOU. Not off-the-shelf.  Not what looks the best or what your friends recommend.  But simply and easily, what stick is right for you.  Find your flex, lock in your lie and know your game.

The finished product really looks hot with the help of Teo Hunter pushing the colors on press at his new shop So Cal Graphics!  This man knows printing and gives superior attention to the process so that you don’t lose all your creative in the 11th hour due to production oversight.

So basically, you get two for one!

1. Brochure (unfolded):

BASE Hockey brochure

and, 2. Poster:

BASE Hockey poster

So with finalization of the above brochure/poster, all of BASE’s branding is coming along nicely.  This printed piece is dictating the direction for everything else as we move forward with their 2010/2011 marketing/advertising campaign in both print and online (website coming soon with integrated personal stick customization). For now, we updated the BASE hockey splash page with some of the elements and added in their Facebook and twitter accounts as well. So start following them… NOW! Just kidding. No, really. Follow them.




A little late on this update, but back in ’09, our good friend Holmes Ghassemi came to ETC.STUDIOS to help him visually brand his new hockey collaboration BASE Hockey.  After working with him over the years while he spear-headed such brands as Easton and Warrior (not to mention his extensive experience with Nike Hockey, Mission and other authorities in the realm of ice, sticks and pucks) I knew it would be a great opportunity!

BASE Hockey logo

Nobody, and mean NOBODY knows more about hockey than Holmes.  The team he is involved with is creating a brand presence that will alter the industry.  Their business strategy is beyond strong.  Seriously! Don’t believe me?  Just wait and watch.  And there is one company out there I hope BASE destroys!   They know who they are.  Market share?  Hold on tight, cause BASE is gonna take it!

So far ETC.STUDIOS has created their brand mark, collateral, web holder, stick graphics and sales material with plenty more creative on the way.  Once we get the go ahead, we’ll show you some of the stick designs, so stay tuned!

And for more information on BASE Hockey, please visit their holding site and sign up to get their updates. Or reach out directly via email to

- Ries