late night creative…

Couldn’t sleep… so I pulled out the art paper and began converting the random sketch to a larger medium.  Not sure where it’s going but that’s how art works, no?  We’ll see how it turns out and i’ll keep the progress posted throughout. enjoy.

Till next time…


Roots Jam Session 2011

Getting ready to sign the last 353 Limited Edition Roots Jam Session screen prints today…

Roots Jam Session Limited Edition screen prints

Last year I was approached by Keldof Marketing to do the visual branding for the Roots Jam Session under my art arm Recycle Love, and it was great.  Flash forward 12 months and I got the call again from Kevin asking if i’d be interested in being the first designer in the 7 years of the Jam to come back.  Answer; YES.

2011 went much smoother as we had a year under our belt working together, thus allowing me to understand the deliveralbes and associated timelines they needed to hit.  The entire campaign this year came off as much more visually cohesive, from the website to the red carpet drop, the drink menus at the bar, the gobos projecting the logo lockup all over the walls to the complimentary screen-printed tees on the VIP patio lounge.  All-in-all, it was a great experience and an even better event!  Read the official Press Release to see all the artists on stage as well as in the audience. 2012?  We’ll see…

7th Annual Roots Jam Session


CHAYA Venice Izakaya Food Fair

The name “izakaya” is a compound word consisting of “i” (to sit) and “sakaya” (sake shop), showing that izakaya originate from sake shops that allowed customers to sit at the premises to drink.  Izakaya are sometimes called akachōchin (red lantern) in daily conversation, because the paper lanterns that are traditionally found in front of the premises in order to attention to possible consumers.  Thus, the simplest idea to promote the event for CHAYA Venice was to put the event copy on an illustration of one of these paper lanterns.  See below.  There, now you know what an Izakaya is. Class adjured.

CHAYA Venice Food Fair

Keep your light shining on!


CBSF10 Anniversary

The year of Anniversaries for CHAYA it definitely has been.  Last October was CB25, then in April came CV20, and now this coming October is CBSF10!  Whew. Lot’s to celebrate from the CHAYA Restaurant Group.

CHAYA Brasserie San Francisco 10th Anniversary

So this time around, we decided to really try for an old Belle Epoche style, evoking the feeling of historically French wine and champagne posters of yore.  Great feedback from everyone that has seen it, specifically the folks at CHAYA.  Glad we could do something so classical.



And for Father’s Day… Poor Dad, still getting the same old, same old!  Since the ‘New’ Old Spice advertising campaign is all the rave right now with their way-more-awesome-than-awesome creative, we decided to take a small bite from them and play off the nostalgia of the wondrous gift of scent we used to all give our Patriarch year after year. sigh.

CHAYA Father's Day

Smell ya later Padre!