BASE Hockey Brochure/Poster is out!

ETC.STUDIOS just finished up the brochure/poster for BASE Hockey in order for them to get their message out via the printed medium.  Not only did we come up with visual direction, but we also came up with the campaign copy… ‘BEFORE ANYTHING…’.

The ideology behind ‘BEFORE ANYTHING…’ is simply that, before anything, think about the base fundamentals to the game.  Sure, hockey involves being an amazing athlete on the ice with impeccable skating skills and crazy endurance. And yeah, everyone wants to be the best, make the team, wear their number, start at their position, win the championship, get the glory, hardware and adulation form their peers, coaches and media.  But before all that, before even stepping on the ice, before anything, you have understand your shot and puck control.  You have to have the right stick for YOU. Not off-the-shelf.  Not what looks the best or what your friends recommend.  But simply and easily, what stick is right for you.  Find your flex, lock in your lie and know your game.

The finished product really looks hot with the help of Teo Hunter pushing the colors on press at his new shop So Cal Graphics!  This man knows printing and gives superior attention to the process so that you don’t lose all your creative in the 11th hour due to production oversight.

So basically, you get two for one!

1. Brochure (unfolded):

BASE Hockey brochure

and, 2. Poster:

BASE Hockey poster

So with finalization of the above brochure/poster, all of BASE’s branding is coming along nicely.  This printed piece is dictating the direction for everything else as we move forward with their 2010/2011 marketing/advertising campaign in both print and online (website coming soon with integrated personal stick customization). For now, we updated the BASE hockey splash page with some of the elements and added in their Facebook and twitter accounts as well. So start following them… NOW! Just kidding. No, really. Follow them.



CHAYA Venice Izakaya Food Fair

The name “izakaya” is a compound word consisting of “i” (to sit) and “sakaya” (sake shop), showing that izakaya originate from sake shops that allowed customers to sit at the premises to drink.  Izakaya are sometimes called akachōchin (red lantern) in daily conversation, because the paper lanterns that are traditionally found in front of the premises in order to attention to possible consumers.  Thus, the simplest idea to promote the event for CHAYA Venice was to put the event copy on an illustration of one of these paper lanterns.  See below.  There, now you know what an Izakaya is. Class adjured.

CHAYA Venice Food Fair

Keep your light shining on!


CBSF10 Anniversary

The year of Anniversaries for CHAYA it definitely has been.  Last October was CB25, then in April came CV20, and now this coming October is CBSF10!  Whew. Lot’s to celebrate from the CHAYA Restaurant Group.

CHAYA Brasserie San Francisco 10th Anniversary

So this time around, we decided to really try for an old Belle Epoche style, evoking the feeling of historically French wine and champagne posters of yore.  Great feedback from everyone that has seen it, specifically the folks at CHAYA.  Glad we could do something so classical.



And for Father’s Day… Poor Dad, still getting the same old, same old!  Since the ‘New’ Old Spice advertising campaign is all the rave right now with their way-more-awesome-than-awesome creative, we decided to take a small bite from them and play off the nostalgia of the wondrous gift of scent we used to all give our Patriarch year after year. sigh.

CHAYA Father's Day

Smell ya later Padre!


CHAYA Mother’s Day Brunch…

And here we go with the art for Mother’s Day. Thanks to Christy Salcido at CHAYA for knowing direction she wanted from day one!  Wasn’t sold on it at first, but I am really happy with how it turned out in the end.  Check it! Love it! Share it!

Man, I do love pink!