GLR//AOH Photoshoot

ETC.STUDIOS was asked to become the creative resource for Golden Leaf Records back in 2009 and has slowly been working on it’s branding, not only for the label as a whole, but also for each of it’s artists.  Initially that simply meant creating the GLR logo mark along with a clean splash page in order to establish a small internet presence as we build up some working capital.  It also meant creating and streamlining each of it’s 3 artist(s) myspace pages: Midwest (Lancing, MI) rapper Jordis, European (Oslo, Norway) Pop sensation Michelle Purvis and local (Venice, CA) Rock quartet Anatomy of Her (AOH).  Below is the first photo session we did to establish a strong look and feel for AOH.  Although it may have felt low-budget on set (and believe me, it was), the band I met multiple times to discuss concept and direction. We ended up doing a late-night, impromptu, set shot inside Venice hideout ‘Townhouse’, just steps away from the famous Venice lights arching over the Windward entrance to the heart of the Venice Beach Boardwalk.  We were lucky enough to have another photographer, Sean MacCuish, join in last minute to help get more images for the bands promotional uses.  His help was intricate in our success.  Thanks Sean.  We are more than happy with the outcome. Hope you are too…

Anatomy of Her (AOH) Logo
Anatomy of Her